Spiritual Growth

he mission of the Messiah C.L.U.B. is to provide a nurturing and caring environment where children can come and learn the bible in unique and creative ways while in fellowship with children their age. The Messiah C.L.U.B. will be committed to: Leading the children to Christ Experiencing God’s love Developing a relationship with Jesus Understanding the value of their life Believing in the power of prayer Trusting God’s WORD
A brotherhood of consecrated men who have come together for the purpose of lifting up Christ by the aid of the Holy Spirit for the sole purpose of promoting the full program of the church. This brotherhood will be instrumental in bringing the men of the church together to think, pray, and plan practical projects, and activities, which will help develop young Christian men as witnesses for Christ and good citizens through role models and mentors. Also, we will bridge the gap between the junior and senior laymen wherever it may exist, and to support our Pastor in the perpetual betterment of Messiah Baptist Church.
Works to address the spiritual, physical, mental, financial, and emotional concerns of the women of our congregation and the greater community. We endeavor, therefore to fully unite Christian women under the Mighty hand of God in order to create faithful and righteous Disciples of Christ for Christian growth, devotion, self-discipline, and the mutual sharing of our faith in Jesus Christ.
This ministry is dutifully working to edify, equip, and empower our young adults into active ministry, where we will be “Doers of the Word”. We endeavor to unite this population within the local body, and to reclaim wayward sheep that have wondered away. This ministry will cultivate the latent power of our young adults, by way of the Holy Spirit, that has gone untapped, and will work to develop ministers of the Gospel who are not afraid of the testimony of Jesus Christ. We are further committed to retaining our young adults as they further their education away from home, or as they serve in the armed services.
The youth ministry mission is to nurture and educate Messiah Youth for Christ in spiritual training that will balance the social influences that he/she has encountered in his/her private experiences.