Outreach Ministry

The objective is to be a Christ-like presence in our community as representatives of God interceding and keeping the homes of our community lifted in prayer before God. We must also be ready to give witness of the hope that lies within us for the purpose of leading a family member or an entire household to the Messiah through our Ministry.
Their mission is to pray, motivate, encourage and teach others and to provide corporate and individual prayer opportunities and training to equip church members, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to develop a lifestyle of prayer and to pray confidently and effectively. The ministry seeks to actively mobilize prayer within the church life to messiah Baptist Church to make a difference in the Kingdom and community.
To seek liberation from the life of incarceration by the transformation and the reconciliation work of Jesus Christ.
The mission of SOS is to see with urgency the need for all to experience the love of Christ. It is our effort to present that love by actively and tangibly revealing the heart and hand of God through feeding, clothing, visiting, and planting the seed of the good news of Jesus Christ. We stand firmly on Matthew 25:40 where the words of Jesus state, “in as much as you have done unto the least of these my sisters and brothers you have done it unto me.” We service the “least of these” in the community of believers and beyond.
To provide support, understanding, love and encouragement during the bereavement process. It is our desire assist the family in all possible areas of concern. It is also our desire to provide adequate direction in the implementation of policies and procedures of the church as well as allow the family any personal plans that will ensure proper and sacred services for their loved one.
Caring Christians willing to visit Convalescent and Extended Care Facilities. Our focus of ministry will be to bless and encourage those persons that may not have family members or friends to visit them, particularly those members of Messiah Baptist Church.