Ministry of Worship and Arts

The Music Ministry shall utilize the spiritual strength of its members in an organized effort, using Praise and Worship Arts, to help the church accomplish its mission as it seeks to glorify God, lead people to Christ and contribute to spiritual growth. Finally, it is musicians increasing the effectiveness of music in worship, ministry, and witness with instrumental sound; congregational singing and sharing in community and witness; choirs singing to, with and for the congregation; youth learning and growing through music; children developing early awareness of the Bible, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Church and world; the developing of music leadership in those who have felt God’s call. Angelic Voices of Praise – (Children Choir) Rhema Praise – (Young Adult Choir) Gospel Voices of Praise – (Adult Choir) Men of Praise – (Men Choir) United Voices of Praise – (All Choirs)
They glorify the Lord through the use of various art forms where gifted people use their talents to advance the gospel. We provide visual portrayals of stories in the Bible as well as portrayals of real life characters confronting issues and present biblical and practical solutions to bring us closer to Christ. We take full responsibility for the development, direction, and the implementation of dramatizations for all seasonal and special day plays, skits, and recitations of Messiah Baptist Church.
The mission of the Praise Dance Ministry is to praise and worship the Lord through the God-given gift of dance. They wish to touch the lives of people in such a way to bring about "real" change, encouragement and/or conversion in their lives.