Ministry of Help

Provides quality audio, and video services to our congregation in order to enhance the praise and worship experience of those who enter the doors of Messiah Baptist Church. Our aim is to give sight and sound to the proclamation of the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In addition to the worship experience, this ministry provides services for special events, weddings, and funerals. The Audio/Video Ministry also produces recordings of all worship services held at Messiah Baptist Church.
Provides a variety of food services to the Messiah Baptist Church Family and Community. Our goal is emphasizing nutritional needs and assists our members with making healthy food selections.
Has the responsibility of contacting members by phone that have not participated in church for a period exceeding 90 days (inactive membership). The membership ministry also welcomes all new members to the fellowship and encourages them to: Complete Discipleship Development orientation classes Attend Bible Study, Sunday School and Morning Worship To actively participate in the ministries of Messiah
Consist of both professional and non-professional nurses dedicated to helping those in need. We assist members who may become ill or overwhelmed with the spirit during services, serve the Pastor and pulpit each Sunday and assist where needed during funerals. Many of our non-professional nurses are trained in first aid and CPR
To provide financial assistance to young people who have a desire to attend an accredited institution of higher learning in the pursuit of acquiring technical skills or training in a specific discipline leading to an associate or bachelor’s degree.
Protects all church property with the use of guards and camera monitors. We act as private guards for our Pastor and spouse, as well as members and visitors entering and leaving the building to ensure their safety until they enter their vehicles. We are assigned for duty for all services, meetings, classes, funerals, etc., remaining visible in uniform and patrolling vehicles making our presence felt to members and the community.
Is committed to providing and promoting an atmosphere where all are invited to worship the sovereign God and experience the love, joy and peace of a life in Christ Jesus, through the transforming power of the Holy Ghost.
This ministry is to be of service to the pastor. In this ministry, one can be of assistance in visiting the sick and/or bereaved and being of any assistance we can to those in need praying with and supporting others in their spiritual and physical needs.
Serves the members in need of transportation to and from church to Worship our Lord and Savior. The vans owned/leased by MBC are used as a service in a safe, courteous, and in a Christian manner. Over the years we have maintained an excellent safety record and this is due in part to the high standards we have always set for our drivers. We commit to becoming a ministry to assist the body of Christ as we meet the transportation needs of the church.
Having been justified by the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our ultimate Goal is Glorification through Sanctification as we study God’s Word to determine his Will for our lives. As we are lead by the Holy Spirit, we endeavor to provide a wholesome and safe environment for our members and guest to worship, fellowship and study God’s Word. We endeavor to be good stewards over the Church’s resources by following proper maintenance schedules for the property of the Church and by following sound financial, accounting and investment strategies over the finances of the Church.
Aims to support the mission and vision of our Pastor and church family in the development of Christian evangelism, education, edification and exhortation. We will support and take advantage of the Christian Sunday school and other learning opportunities provided throughout the year. We will develop and nourish a closer relationship with God through the Holy Ghost and seek to reflect Christ in our daily walk in our homes, our Church and our community. As church ushers we will welcome and serve the needs of the congregation with courtesy, tact and a display of Christian love one for another. We will strive to keep order in and around the sanctuary and assist the Pastor in any way possible to make the worship service a success. We will nurture our fellowship with other churches by supporting their usher’s ministry services when there is no conflict with our obligations to our home church. We will also continue to support the United Church Ushers Association of America through involvement in local, regional and national usher education activities.